Saturday, October 28, 2006

Meeting Irene in KL

It was October 23rd, 2006. Indeed it was one of those extended holidays starting on 21st October which was Deepavali, the following day being Sunday and Hari Raya Puasa on 24th and 25th October.
Yuet Ngor and myself made an appointment to meet Irene on 23rd October. We waited for her at the appointed place, Maybank in Damansara Utama, our favourite banking place when we were in KL way back in the 70's and early 80's.
Well, she came with her husband, David Victor Raj coming all the way from Kota Damansara.
Since it was about lunch time, we adjorned for lunch at "The Ship", one of our favourite places for dining.
We took this picture after our lunch, myself, David, Irene and Yuet Ngor.

Monday, March 20, 2006

More Pictures - Ah Lai's camera

These pictures from Ah Lai's camera captured the original meeting that resulted in the eventual dinner at the Imperial China Restaurant.
It was Valentine's Day, 14 February 2006. 5 ex-Ledang girls paid a visit to Phua Mei Kwei who works at Kuan Lee Kam's office. Don't ask me how they got together, but my guess is Chee Mee Lan rounded them up.
It probably started off with lunch nearby the office.

and this is Phua Mei Kwei's office and proof of an accounts person is a calculator in front of the table.
of course must let the boss know, otherwise how can a private-do happening under the nose of the boss.
So, how about a sent-off dinner?

Naturally, at our age, there will more things to say. Sometimes what you have conversed in 1 night exceeds the total conversations you had with the person over a period of 5 years while in Ledang.

Nicely arranged soup bowls, have to say sorry to the sharks. Maybe should change our eating habits and spare the sharks or maybe sharks shouldn't grow fins at all.

This is no autograph session... sorry forgotten what's this all about.

and you cannot wait for another 30 years for the next gathering. The elimination process has started, and like an avalanche, there is no stopping, it can only gathers speed... and no one will be spared.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tan Ah Lai's Sent-Off Dinner

As a result of Valentine's Day gathering at Kuan Lee Kam's office, Lee Kam had proposed a sent-off dinner for Ah Lai who would be leaving for Melbourne on 11 March 2006 after a long, long Chinese New Year vacation back home in Malaysia.
With much coordination from Chee Mee Lan, this day 25 Feb 2006, we had this gathering and dinner at Imperial China Restaurant in Subang Jaya generously sponsored by Kuan Lee Kam. We have to thank him for the great dinner.

It all started with the arrival of the above ex-Ledang girls.

From left: Rosemary Tan, Chia Yok Chan, Phua Mei Kwei,

Agatha Leow, Leelavathy, Chong Mee Chen, Irene and

Huang Yuet Ngor. Great to meet Leelavathy, Irene and

Chong Mee Chen after 35 years!

Our Guest-of-Honour, Tan Ah Lai with Yuet Ngor.

Meeting more of them at the private room.

From Left: Leelavathy, Chou Kan Yin, myself Kim Teck,

Kuan Lee Kam and Kong Hien Nigh.

Meeting Ong Siew Lan (in black) and Chong Mee Chen (in white)

since leaving school in 1970.

Catherine Lim Piew Chun smiling at the camera with

Chee Mee Lan's attention drawn elsewhere.

If you don't know who Kok Ah Kiew is, here you are looking

at the lady in pink.

Inter-mingling with excitement and noises before the dinner.

Sharing some light moments before dinner starts.

First we start with small group (trial run)

From left seated: Yuet Ngor, Rosemary, Yok Chan.

Standing:Ah lai, Siew Lan, Mee Lan.

Now a bigger group (more wanted in)

Standing: Ah Kiew, Siew Lan, Ah Lai, Irene, Mee Chen,

Leelavathy, Agatha, Mee Lan.

Sitting:Pieu Chun, Yuet Ngor, Rosemary, Yok Chan, Mei Kwei

Guys from left: Kong Hien Nigh, Kim Teck, Lee Kam, Chou Kan Yin.

For girls, you have to guess!

This is the complete group present.

Red wine and liqour to go with Chinese Course dinner

Lee Kam's wife (in floral pink) and daughter on her left.

It is eating and chatting time...

Well, the old days are always better.

The sifu giving advices

We got to join tables so that all stories were shared!

Now, the tables were joined, ready for more yak, yak, yak...

We dispersed immediately after mid-night.

On behalf of everybody, we wish Tan Ah Lai a safe and pleasant journey back home to Melbourne, Australia.